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    I tried to make this tiled but got this result?

    Easton777 Level 1

      I am making a tiled texture for a building for game design, it is just a corrugated tin metal. I setup my dimensions correctly and made it tiled but for some reason I got this:




      This is what I started with:


      Corrugated metal.PNG


      Don't pay any attention to the metal texture changing, that is not the problem, the problem is the top image is tiled from the bottom image which was the original tiled texture, the top image is after the bottom was tiled.


      It gave me some weird extra normal details or something as you can see in the top image, like there is an error in the way it was tiled.


      Below is the normal detailed version which would be the very base of the texture in case anyone wants to look at it inside of Photoshop.


      Corrugated Metal_normal.bmp