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    The best way to increase the performance for large photoshop files?

    aiur4 Level 1

      Hi I'm a visual artist who manipulates photographs for art.


      Well, Im going to graduate soon but I always facing performance issues because of the size of each photoshop files between 5~40gb. Yeah, that's really huge. But it depends on what type of project that Im working on. If I compress tons of images like 50 images on one canvas, it doesn't take too much space from 8~11gb for 13x19 1200ppi canvas size. On the other hand, if I enlarge files, I can put only 10~20 images and take 30~40gb for 13x19 1200ppi canvas. Even the smallest PSB files, it takes a lot of time to save and apply adjustments due to file sizes. BTW I'm using Mac Pro 2010 with dual 3.47ghz CPU. I know that Mac Pro 2010 is old and slow but even Mac Pro 2013 is not that faster than Mac Pro 2010 base on my experiences.


      I know that Photoshop relies on CPU speed rather than cores but Im seeing limitation from Mac computers due to slower CPU speed and limited cooling system. iMac Pro is quite tempting but not my option due to the poor cooling system. While I work on just ONE PSB file, CPUs become extremely hot, especially while I'm saving it. I dont have any Window computers and Im already a Mac user but I def need high CPU speed like 4~5ghz. I wonder if Adobe has a plan to support multi-cores as many as possible for huge PSB files.


      Any idea about increasing the speed and performance or should I get a new computer?