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    Lightroom disables my screensaver


      Complete screensaver and power display timeout failure started a couple months ago (no particular memory of what was installed/changed then.)


      Spent hours trying every suggested fix, nothing correlated, although occasionally the screensaver would randomly work.


      Finally, FINALLY, conclusively pinned down that Lightroom is the culprit.


      While Lightroom Classic CC 7.2 is running on my PC (W10.0.16299), full screen or minimized, my screensaver never initiates, and my screen never turns off as set in my power settings.


      If I close Lightroom, my screensaver and power plan settings immediately work as expected (no reboot required.)


      I have yet to find any reference to this particular problem anywhere on the web. Has anyone else?


      I appreciate your ideas and recommendations.


      -Robert Westerman