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    NASA kiosk

      I work at Marshall Space Flight Center/NASA and I'm attempting to modify a kiosk that we built for the US Space & Rocket Center here in Huntsville, AL. I'm fairly new to Flash and our regular Flash guy is on vacation until late next week and we need to make some modifications the kiosk. The kiosk is running on a computer at USSRC with a mouse attached (the keyboard is stashed behind the display). The kids are finding the keyboard, plugging it in, and messing with stuff. We need to disable the right mouse click. We are purchasing Jugglor to accomplish this since we can't seem to come up with an Actionscript to do it. Now I need to disable 'escape' so it will stay in full screen mode. I also need to disable Ctrl+Q so it won't quit and write some code that will recognize a new quit sequence. Does anyone have any ideas about how I might do this? I, and the space program, would appreciate it greatly. Thanks.