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    How to slow Time/Duration of all clips on a track and maintain in/out points of each shot?

    aaddiiooss Level 1

      I have 50 clips on a track. The Speed/Duration for all of them is set to 70%

      I want to make them all slower. I want to set Speed/Duration to 50%.

      If I select all clips and set Speed/Duration (right-click > select Speed/Duration...) for all of them to 50%, by default they slow down and maintain their positions on the timeline, but they don't maintain their in and out points. The ends of the shots as I had edited them gets clipped. In other words, they don't ripple down the timeline making room for the longer duration.

      How can I adjust the speed of clips on a track with ripple? Is there some way I can make all clips slower while maintaining the in and out points of the edit?