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    want preloader to play once


      I hope someone can help me. I've designed a website that has three gallery sections; P, F, and C. Each section was done in a native fla file with pictures embedded in it and a preloader in the first few frames. I want the preloader to show once the first time the user clicks on a gallery section, so I've used a global variable in the top movie which is initially set to 0.

      My method works perfectly when I test it out in flash, but when I upload the site and test it online, the preloader plays every time I press the section, even though the global variable has changed! (I know this because I had it displayed in text).

      Here is my code (pretty simple);

      if (_global.once_playedF == 0) {
      } else {

      _global.onceplayedP is set to one in the second frame.

      Can anyone tell me where I'm going wrong?