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    How do I remove this border?

    JasonBuberel Level 1
      I have been struggling this evening with attempts to modify the Application style selector in my external style sheet in order to remove the border areas highlighted in red:

      Image of Unwanted Borders

      My Application CSS selector looks like:

      Application {
      paddingLeft: 0;
      paddingRight: 0;
      paddingTop: 0;
      paddingBottom: 0;
      fontSize: 9;
      fontWeight: normal;
      backgroundColor: #6a7992;
      backgroundImage: '';
      top: 0px;
      right: 0px;
      left: 0px;
      bottom: 0px;

      And the HBox that forms my outermost container is:

      <mx:HBox width="100%" height="100%" paddingLeft="0" paddingRight="0" paddingBottom="0" paddingTop="0">

      What is it I need to do in order to allow my outermost <mx:HBox> to occupy the entire area of the <object/embed> tag of the hosting HTML page?