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    Photoshop CC 2018, Brush tool skips occasionally/randomly

    justink57575353 Level 1

      Hi, so I have been becoming increasingly frustrated with a small bug that keeps rearing its head while I do my work.

      I primarily use the brush tool, since I am a digital painter, and the brush seems to occasionally skip, causing me to have to redraw strokes.

      The skipping isn't often enough that it prevents me from working entirely, but it's enough to make my work much less enjoyable, since I can always expect to run into this issue every few minutes. It is also very frustrating since the issue seems to be random, and so, unavoidable.

      I found this post from last year that discusses the same issue in more detail, but it doesn't look like it has been resolved.

      Tablet skipping strokes when pressing lightly, losing sensitivity

      One extra factor not mentioned, that may be exclusive to me, is that the problem seems to persist after I Crtl + Z. I have to physically erase the skipped mark in order to produce a non-skipped mark again.


      I use two different computers, one Windows 10 and the other Mac OS, with the same tablet. Both operating systems produce the same issue.


      Photoshop CC 2018 v19.1.2

      Windows 10 Pro

           i7-3770K, AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series, 16GB RAM

      Mac OS High Sierra v10.13.3

           Macbook Pro (Retina,15-Inch Mid 2015)

      Wacom Cintiq Pro 13


      I have considered it being a problem with my tablet, or possibly my cables, but this behavior is relatively new to the last 3 months, so I believe it's more likely from the 19.1 update to Photoshop CC.

      I have reinstalled the drivers and Photoshop on both computers multiple times. I have even reinstalled windows 10 multiple times on my windows machine (this occurred as well on Windows 7 before i upgraded).

      I regularly monitor CPU load, temperatures, and RAM usage. All of these have never been close to full load/utilization outside of an intentional burden.

      I use SMC fan control to regulate the temperature on my Macbook Pro to an average 40'C.


      Help would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you.