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    Devastating news!!

    Christo14 Level 3

      Muse hasn't been an easy ride that's for sure but pulling the plug?


      Offering XD (a mock up app) as a solution?




      It does explain some recent activity that didn't seem make sense.



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          CuriousChip Level 3

          Adobe's flip suggestion that we should just hire us some developers and use their UX tool is indeed appalling. They don't seem to have any understanding who their Muse customers are. It's insulting and infuriating.

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            Christo14 Level 3

            Muse certainly needed a change in direction with regards to some of its workflows but fundamentally it was a good idea.


            Further development of muse, some of it painful for users no doubt, could be (or could have been) a game changer in it's own right as it certainly had a place in website design and development - in its own right.


            In discussion with some colleagues about some of the current problems with Muse cc2018, only a few weeks ago, a comment was said; 'It's starting to look like 'they' (Adobe) are trying to deter us to us from using this app'. Not an exact quote but words to that effect. But rather prophetic, real or not. That statement was in relation to some bugs that effected one of the fundamentals of a web site, navigation, among others.


            In direct regards to your response, now that Preran is posting his vague 'Lawyer scripted' response suggesting Spark's Mystery Beta whatever as an alternative it wouldn't be unusual to think that Adobe understands it's customers to be the general public. And there's a lot more $ general public $ than there are designers.


            In any case, this is going cost a lot of people a lot of money. A real lot of money.


            Let's hope there is a change of logic here.

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