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        LongBeachDave Level 2

        This is the last post I will make on this thread.


        I work for a software company. A few years back, one of our clients wanted a specific website designed just to push our service to their employees. Our developer resources were spread a bit thin, so I stepped in, learned Muse, and created a really great site. Our clients were ecstatic. My company was ecstatic. And I felt empowered that I was able to build something without having to rely on serious code knowledge. Basically, it opened a new world up to me for my creative talents and for possible freelance work.



        So, my options appear to be: 1) prepare myself to spending ridiculous amounts of time fumbling around with code, or 2) find another product, if there is one.


        I am so absolutely deflated right now.

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          Richard Olsenius Level 1

          This is beyond unbelievable.  A business like Adobe which cut its teeth on the needs of creative individuals suddenly walks away on a program that will seriously hamper thousands of individuals and small businesses to compete or sustain their businesses.  This action goes beyond Adobe's simple bottomline decision to abandon software and moves into an area of malicious harm.  Their actions will harm people in definable economic ways.  There is no real roadmap from Adobe to recover time and materials lost and little transparency.  How does one trust this company any more? This decision reaches into the very heart of what we subscribe to Adobe for.


          In simple terms a class action suit based on restraint of trade is quiet feasible in this situation.


          In short, a “restraint of trade” is any activity that hinders someone else from doing business in the way that he would normally do it if there were no restraints.  While federal, state, and local governments can pass laws and regulations that create obstacles for certain kinds of businesses, it is generally considered improper for individuals (Adobe) to restrain one another’s trade in certain ways.  Someone who loses business or suffers another injury may have a tort case against another individual whose trade-restraining behavior injured him.


          This is not over by a long shot.

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            roberth70888957 Level 1

            I've been learning Muse and - like others - felt suddenly empowered in my ability as a designer to build a robust website without being bogged down with code. I now feel betrayed and abandoned by a company I wholeheartedly embraced throughout my career. The reasoning is suspect. We are supposed to undermine our creative vision and sign on to "Do It Yourself" templated franchise website providers for electronic "paint by numbers"? Come on, Adobe, when did you sell your soul? Has your embrace of the creative community really been a travesty all along? You're telling us to stick to the creative side and partner with development teams if we want to build original websites. I know of few small businesses that can afford to hire a "development team" to complete our projects. Unfortunately, you have become just another big business that has lost site of its lifeblood user base. Sad, indeed.

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              ZebraMark Level 1

              I rarely used Muse (I work 8 hours a day at least in InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop), but thought Muse was one of Adobe's most revolutionary applications, bridging graphic design/layout and the arcane and arduous world of web coding. I would definitely boycott Adobe if my workplace weren't paying for it. The monthly fee for the "everything" package just to get the three programs I use is ridiculous. I hate Adobe too. Such nonsense and bloat.

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                AFROZAMURAI Level 1

                I am so absolutely disappointed in Adobe.I am very very sad. And we are in serious trouble. We are a designer and working on building websites using Muse. Please do not deprive us of our work. Please reconsider.


                Preran, I think you should take this feedback back to the team and convince them to reconsider their move .

                Do not close this project!!!!

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                  rhayven Level 1

                  Quite shocked to see Muse bite the dust, yet at the same time, not so shocked. The platform itself never seemed to meet my personal desires. Seemed too buggy, and updates on it was ridiculously slow compared to other programs (like Dreamweaver and Photoshop). I started to use it when it first came out. I used it to develop 2 basic websites. But, it just didn't seem right. Took a look at it again about a year or 2 ago, and I knew it just wouldn't cut it.


                  DIYs like Webydo, Wix, and Squarespace has really hammered people as it allows folks to totally skip developers. Thing is, websites built with those are generic as they are template run. Since these sites are built by folks who never stepped foot into a design school, they are often ugly and hard to navigate. Still, they are easy enough to use. For many folks ease of use > functionality.


                  Then add in Muse's competitors through the years. One of which was Macaw (now owned by another company InVision). That tanked and then Webflow popped up. Between the DIY website builders and Webflow, it was only a matter of time before Muse got the axe. One of the other killers of Muse was terrible support both for the software and consumer.


                  Honestly, I missed the good ol days of Adobe. As it stands now, they have way too much going on to seriously focus on any one thing. They are trying too hard to be the best at everything. This has caused them to get sloppy, and their competition is feeding off of that.   Maybe getting rid of Muse+Catalyst will be a good thing in the long run. These guys seriously need to think about what is important to them and stick with making those things awesome. I kind of want them to remove more programs (cough cough Mixamo, Character Animator, and any other 3D products). Why? Because other companies do it better with efficiency and reliability in mind.

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                    ZebraMark Level 1

                    The big takeaway from all this is that who know what other applications Adobe will suddenly stop supporting. Why bother to learn any of them (aside from InDesign/Illustrator/Photoshop)? What Muse had going was something pretty unique.


                    The "All Apps" subscription price is way too high for so many lesser-known applications that Adobe might suddenly pull the plug on, and the single app price is way too high also.

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                      xxefsxx Level 1

                      I don't even know where to begin.  This is ridiculous.  Adobe staff is frustrated?  Think about all the money your users have invested in .. not only Adobe software but  also Muse widgets and hundreds of un-billable hours to learn it.  Clients all over will be livid and well because the outdated websites will have to be redeveloped eventually wouldn't it. 

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                        glissemedia Level 1

                        OK, fact is almost EVERY back end coder I know wouldn't know good design if it slapped them in the face....that said I respect the skill and education your profession requires....and for large companies you can have a team of each to handle large projects for the best result. Unfortunately there are MANY small businesses that cannot afford that 2 pronged approach and Adobe Muse was a good solution for designers to create mainstream websites that didn't have to be cookie cutter (WP, Wix, Weebly, etc). Fact is most web sites have a pretty much fixed set of features and Muse capitalized on that. Adobe, you need to reconsider this quickly because things move fast......I don't think i am alone in saying if you drop Muse I'll find substitutes for all your products...bring Muse back or launch a better alternative please. Adobe you are affected people livelihoods....your announcement and lack of viable alternatives is arrogant to say the least.

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                          Erotokritos Level 1

                          I just signed the petition, “Adobe Systems: Adobe - Do not discontinue Muse!!!!!!.” I think this is important. Will you sign it too?

                          Here’s the link:

                          https://www.change.org/p/adobe-systems-adobe-do-not-discontinue-muse?utm_medium=email&utm_ source=petition_signer_receipt&utm_campaign=triggered&share_context=signature_receipt&recr uiter=865763644


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                            Ericorlan Level 1

                            Well Preran, if you truly want to focus the energies of this post on 'alternative solutions' - what solutions are you and Adobe offering?? Telling us to either learn code and use Dreamweaver or to go back to kindergarten and use that utterly worthless Spark are NOT solutions. Adobe created this mess, not its loyal paying customers - why are the 'solutions' up to us to create?


                            Personally, Ive spent years learning and working on Muse, encouraging others to to the same, investing in Adobe products & related 3rd party widgets and memberships, run a business on site created in Muse and was midway in tackling a complicated new site. All for nothing.


                            The hostile treatment and lazy, sloppy, vague 'solution's' being offered up by to Adobe to its customer base are being heard load and clear - we will NOT forget this treatment and will respond with taking our wallets elsewhere.

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                              imrd1 Level 1

                              I can not understand this decision to stop MUSE either!


                              I've created several homepages for my customoers, gained new ones and now you stop this app ??


                              And the most essential question is:

                              Will those homepages still work in the future? I mean, we all use the Typekit of Muse which is on Adobe's server, right?

                              So the Customers homepages needs those fonts?! If you quit Muse, do you quit those Fonts which are used in those MUSE-Homepages???

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                                troib38278099 Level 1

                                This is my thought exactly... Do I risk learning another Adobe program simply for them to pull the pin after a few years.. Ummm .. NO!

                                • 93. Re: Closing Muse ? Are you serious over there ?
                                  troib38278099 Level 1

                                  DID ADOBE BUY WIX??? Would explain a great deal..

                                  • 94. Re: Closing Muse ? Are you serious over there ?

                                    I am so absolutely disappointed in Adobe.

                                    I am very very sad.

                                    And we are in serious trouble.


                                    Do not close this project!!!!

                                    • 95. Re: Closing Muse ? Are you serious over there ?
                                      spectrum72 Level 1

                                      A petition has been started. Please sign and share as much as you can. It may not make a difference but never say never.



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                                      • 96. Re: Closing Muse ? Are you serious over there ?

                                        Strange timing. Not kidding when I say I sat down this morning to begin rebuilding my own website with Muse. And there sat the email announcing the end of Muse. Dodged a bullet there.

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                                          gekgenoeg Level 1



                                          How can Adobe expect anyone to ever invest serious time and money in future applications again?

                                          This proves them to be a very unreliable partner, doesn't it?


                                          And stop speaking of transition to alternatives, in your damage control replies, Adobe. There aren't any, and you know it.

                                          • 98. Re: Closing Muse ? Are you serious over there ?
                                            N.A.T Level 2

                                            Lucky for some!  Unlucky for others.  Regardless of our good or bad luck, please have some empathy for those who have built businesses (and products) based on what the program could do.  All their work is either a complete waste or has to be migrated to another program.  This is a bit like telling an Accountant they will have to go back to hand written ledgers.

                                            • 99. Re: Closing Muse ? Are you serious over there ?
                                              ZivoDesign Level 1



                                              I cant believe to what i have read


                                              Muse as open a new world to me and let me give more services and advanced more with web design

                                              I always told other people that muse gonna kill Wix and real designers will always prefer a program like muse once they will know how to work with it


                                              I myself thought muse will evolve a code part like in flash when you can open a window and see some of the code or insert part of the code to muse, make it even more great for designers like me who knows a bit of CSS a bit of JS.


                                              the thing with muse for designers is that you can design first and try and change until you like it than improve or add additional code if you need instead of coding and design separately



                                              • 100. Re: Closing Muse ? Are you serious over there ?
                                                Lindloon2 Level 1

                                                Hi Illostraight 3
                                                Great idea, I checked it out. Musegrid really did do their homework. BUT the favored software is not for free and offering a quite unusual pricing plan. You can design one project for free. 10 Sites will cost you $16  a month with anually payment and unlimited sites $35 per month! Not calculating the hosting costs which appeal with a special hosting plan.
                                                Now the software sure might be even better than Muse, but is a lot more expensive (espec. when you consider these extra costs on top of Adobe CC AND in some cases the costs for Musegrid in addtion). To have the same webdesign enviroment as with Muse you will have to pay an extra $420 plus tax a year!


                                                Besides, the noew software is quite different from Muse and needs to be learned too.


                                                What Adobe does here with its customers is an insolence.

                                                • 101. Re: Closing Muse ? Are you serious over there ?
                                                  Per Kristian dk Level 1

                                                  With the discontinuing of Muse, I would recommend taking a look at Webflow. It basically does everything Muse does and a whole lot more.


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                                                  • 104. Re: Closing Muse ? Are you serious over there ?
                                                    Lonnie_Kunkel Level 2

                                                    You do know you're just giving us extra work to do that we won't get paid for, right? I'm going to have to change all my sites away from the Muse platform, which means extra hours and more work that I can't really deal with. So now I have to work nights and weekends, without pay, to redesign all the client sites I've designed with Muse. I luckily, if you can say that, have only one client using Business Catalyst and they are going to be pissed. So thanks for pissing off my clients and costing me money.


                                                    I'm a CC customer and after this I will be switching to Quarkxpress from Indesign and any other programs I can find to replace Photoshop and Illustrator.


                                                    You just lost a loyal customer.

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                                                    • 105. Re: Closing Muse ? Are you serious over there ?
                                                      sandrinewmuse Level 1



                                                      I'm very chocked. I'm working with Muse since two years for clients who are satisfy. I DON'T UNDERSTAND why Adobe choose to condamne this application without proposing a real and efficient alternative which will allow to go on working with clients without lying about the future of their website which last sometimes between 3 and 5 years. What's happen if the clients reclaimed the complete change of their existing website costless. Who will pay? What's happening now? Should we leave adobe during the time they developp adobe Xd or Spark or...seriously. Or do you have other proposals.

                                                      I wish to continue to build website with Muse for years. This logiciel allow to mix creativity and code together. It is a very good compromise for an application.

                                                      Please reconsider your radical choice!



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                                                      • 106. Re: Closing Muse ? Are you serious over there ?
                                                        Hal Fisher Level 1

                                                        Gee, after a bad year of falling stock prices Adobe has killed off a product allowing its established user base to suck air all the while increasing Adobe Cloud prices. Thanks a lot Adobe. You've just joined the ranks of Mega software companies like Sony that could care less about their customers.

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                                                        • 107. Re: Closing Muse ? Are you serious over there ?
                                                          mole at the counter Level 1

                                                          (I posted this on another thread)


                                                          Just to echo most of the above sentiments  - This is an utterly shoddy, unprofessional and inconsiderate action from our Adobe-Masters.


                                                          I would like to add also that at least most people seem to have been informed about this - as a long-standing Adobe 'customer' in the UK - some would say 'prisoner' -  and one who pays the full amount to Adobe each month for CC - I haven't even received the damn e-mail! 


                                                          This is appalling - call yourselves a professional organisation?!

                                                          • 108. Re: Closing Muse ? Are you serious over there ?
                                                            Mitch Romanowski Level 1

                                                            I have also been working on a new website recently. Spent most of last week in Muse getting it all done. I'll probably go ahead and send to my hosting account but I guess I'll be rebuilding before 2019.

                                                            • 109. Re: Closing Muse ? Are you serious over there ?
                                                              Preran Adobe Employee

                                                              Am copying this post from another discussion because the questions to me in this thread have been on the same lines.


                                                              Hi everyone,


                                                              I went through all the responses, and I thank you for taking time to share your concerns here. Because questions have been broadly dispersed across many posts, I will try and summarize all that has been asked of me. At one point in my career, I was a web designer with a small business myself, so I do understand the sentiment and will do my best to get it across to the team.


                                                              - Reasons behind the decision: I hate to repeat this, but all that has to be said is in the FAQ. Having said that, I will check with the team to see if they have anything to add. I will report back here if they do.


                                                              - Is the DIY solution under the Spark umbrella a viable migration path?: The product is still in its infancy (it doesn't even have a name as yet), and it is too early to tell about how it will grow and whether it will meet your current requirements. I have not had a chance to test it myself, and questions on migration from Adobe Muse or whether it is an effective replacement is something we will know when the product is available for testing. At this moment, I do not have a date at which that will happen but in my opinion, we are probably looking at a few months down the road. Dates and timelines keep shifting based on many factors, so don't hold me to it.


                                                              I have not used any of the other possible solutions out there, so your friends on this forum are better equipped to guide you on those questions. That is the reason why this discussion was initiated in the first place.


                                                              - Reconsider the decision: That sentiment has already been shared with the team, and I will do so again today.


                                                              - Additional training and cost to move to another software or solution: Adobe Muse will continue to be supported for a year, and sites created on it will continue to work as long as it is supported by the browsers of the time. I understand that this is not a perfect answer, but I am hoping that this will speak to the sense of panic in some of the posts. Even with sites created with BC, you have a year to move them to another location.


                                                              - Purchase and discount related questions: Because Adobe Muse will continue to be supported for a year, I do not think that there are any discounts being provided. I am not the expert on this one, and I suggest contacting Customer Care directly if you need more clarification.


                                                              A few single app sub users received a price hike email yesterday. You can ignore that email as there is no price change for single app subscribers for Adobe Muse.




                                                              • 110. Re: Closing Muse ? Are you serious over there ?
                                                                sebastien777 Level 1

                                                                unbearably unacceptable.


                                                                Muse was at its early development stage  and have so much potential.


                                                                Now what is left for us? Adobe Spark? Adobe XD? Adobe portefolio?? Really...?? REALLY ! ?? How can you do that...


                                                                Let's be honest, I understand the whole business side of it.. with Adobe portfolio...right..? Fair enough. But please do not stop Adobe muse.


                                                                It is a joke... Muse has a true market for professional that demands more flexibility than these  "Template like" website platform and less complicated than Dreamweaver.



                                                                thousands of creative professionals don't have the time to learn how to code.


                                                                Muse was an awesome software. easy to get in and very flexible. The Widget thingy inside Muse was really fine too.


                                                                Please do not stop the development!!! PLEASE No!!


                                                                Please reconsider.



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                                                                • 112. Re: Closing Muse ? Are you serious over there ?
                                                                  Lonnie_Kunkel Level 2

                                                                  You keep saying we have a year to move our sites, but it's still going to cost us TIME AND MONEY.... It doesn't matter if it takes 5 years, it will still COST US TIME AND MONEY. Not to mention the ANGER I will get from my clients when I tell them their sites won't function the way they used to. And how long will there be browser support? do we have to wait until one of our clients' sites break? I'm not going to wait, I'm going to have to redesign every site from scratch, which will COST ME SUBSTANTIAL TIME AND MONEY.  Thanks for nothing. You just threw us all under the bus and LOST us business and cost us our REPUTATIONS with our clients.

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                                                                  • 113. Re: Closing Muse ? Are you serious over there ?
                                                                    gekgenoeg Level 1

                                                                    One might as well say nothing, if one has nothing to say.

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                                                                    • 114. Re: Closing Muse ? Are you serious over there ?
                                                                      Illostraight Level 3

                                                                      It's not like dumping Illustrator where it affects only the individual, they are dropping businesses, clients, jobs and livelihoods. Families will be affected. This is a disgrace. Charge more if you need to. Don't leave us in limbo.

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                                                                      • 115. Re: Closing Muse ? Are you serious over there ?
                                                                        jimboy62 Level 1

                                                                        Two years ago I attended the Adobe Max conference in San Diego.  At that time, there were countless forums on Adobe Muse which I attended as many as I could.  It was so supported and I was so blown away by the product and it promise, that as an educator, I developed an entire course around teaching Muse to students in our college’s multimedia program.  These are students who love to design and not be mired down into the particulars of HTML 5, CSS3, and JavaScript code.  In fact, the students love this product for that very reason.  Currently, I am on Spring Break.  I think it sad that I have to go in next week and inform the class that the course and the tool they have been using over the last 10 weeks will be worthless a year from now.  So, it is back to the drawing board.


                                                                        My biggest question is why the decision to discontinue with support on this product?  I love how Adobe just announces these things and then gives no indication as to what led them to this decision.  It is obvious they did not talk to the people that use the product.  Both frustrated and sad at the same time.  Hopefully, Adobe will reconsider, but I will not hold my breath...

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                                                                        • 116. Re: Closing Muse ? Are you serious over there ?
                                                                          jrcasey1960 Level 1

                                                                          Hi folks.  I really hate to say this......and never say never.....but I seriously doubt that Adobe will reverse this decision.  I've seen them discontinue SpeedGrade (and expect one to use Lumetri in Premiere to do professional grades), and discontinue the excellent disc authoring software Encore.  They effectively replaced these with NOTHING despite everyone's loud protests.  I was just learning Muse to build a website and now this.  There seems to be a pattern here......


                                                                          I wouldn't spend a lot of time hoping that they will reverse this decision.  Based on my experience, they won't.  They just DON'T LISTEN to their customer base.  I think we all have to make our own decisions as to the future.  Any way you slice it, all of this doesn't look so good for Adobe and their customer relations.

                                                                          • 118. Re: Closing Muse ? Are you serious over there ?
                                                                            Gor777 Level 1

                                                                            I have been using Adobe since the early nineties when Photoshop arrived as a set of floppy disks (remember them). Products have come along and gone since then mainly due to newer improved applications being introduced. However, for the first time ever I am seriously hacked of to hear that Muse is being shelved. DECIDEDLY POOR DECISION GUYS. Muse was a joy to learn and is a pleasure to use. I'm not a coder and I don't want to be one, DW is not for me so with no alternative I'm going to look else where for a solution.


                                                                            I have seen Spark mentioned so downloaded them, NOT IMPRESSED, its a gloryfied phone app. I fear whats coming as the Spark web solution.


                                                                            ADOBE THINK AGAIN.

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                                                                            • 119. Re: Closing Muse ? Are you serious over there ?
                                                                              N.A.T Level 2

                                                                              I just realised that the Adobe Symposium (digital marketing) in Australia is on right now. Adobe Summit 2018 | The Digital Marketing Conference | March 25—29, 2018  The keynote will be on that site soon and I am interested to know how they spin the direction of Adobe to all those advertising folk who probably are advocates of Muse also.  I would so wish those that are there vocalise any disappointment so that Adobe realise this decision transcends the "few"Muse users that they think they have "inconvenienced".  If I wasn't faced with upcoming costs to REBUILD my websites using another platform (or hire someone else to do it), I would fly to Sydney and picket the event to bring attention to the hardship that Adobe's decision has put on the designer web community.

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