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    Adobe Has Betrayed its Muse Users - Time to Cancel and Move On !!

    cheeky71 Level 2

      Adobe really sucks - the fact they made this announcement after years of cost cutting on Muse development and the endless bugs shows a serious lack of care for the customers. The response about this was totally inadequate - Adobe Muse just used its users subscription as a cash cow for other interests. At the very least, Adobe should have invited the developer community to seek ideas for innovation and move forward - and not taken this lazy approach - I have totally lost my faith in Adobe as a company - subscription to the CC platform now just seems a waste of time more so that competition have readily filled these gaps. The 1 year notice for those who rely on Muse and have an active client base is just NOT right at all. There should be some sort of class lawsuit against Adobe for this and petitions signed to get those involved in such a decision to be just replaced with a more innovative management !!