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    MUSE finish, and now?

    rikm13476554 Level 1

      SInce Adobe will stop the support of Muse, i am woundering which tool to use in the future, I have made about 20 websites with Muse, Spark or portfolio is not an option, any idea?

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          ankushr40215001 Level 7

          Hey there,


          We have started a discussion on discussing alternative solutions and migration paths Adobe Muse EOL announcement - Alternatives to Adobe Muse? and will be inviting our experts here to participate.


          Please bookmark this forum post for reference and continue the discussion in a single thread for a constructive debate and discussion.





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            hunterscotty Level 4



            No alternate solutions or migration paths have been suggested. There are no answers from Preran.



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              derryka4362207 Level 1

              No more Muse now I'm mad as hell what's up with that Adobe?!?!? Way to go, get everybody excited and on the program then drop it like 3rd period French. Just like you guys dropped Encore some of us still use these programs and have great need in using them. Now we are left alone adrift in a vast ocean of emptiness with no help no love no nothing. Left to fend for ourselves in a hostel environment by the fickle whims of the corporate gods.

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                jennifershamam Level 1

                I agree totally - how can this be with all the effort that has gone into creating this wonderful product; why in the world would you abandon it now????   Totally devastating.   And a bit of a joke that they point you to XD as some sort of alternative???? Is this for real?   This app is nothing more than a fancy pen and paper for planning; it's not a replacement for MUSE!!!   

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                  For the second time Adobe complicates the lives of its customers, remember Adobe GoLive?

                  A little more respect Adobe, we are the ones who support your products!

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                    Having put hours into creating 3 websites with Adobe Muse, I'm very hesitant to use any other Adobe program to 'recreate' these websites. Aside from the issue that Spark and Portfolio don't seem to be useful substitutes, how do I know that Adobe won't pull those programs as well?  I think Adobe needs to understand if they want us to rely on their programs, they need to be reliable too!  When a program like Muse is pulled, it costs us customers time and money to repair the damage. I don't think Adobe has a clue what chaos they have caused. Or maybe they just don't care.