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    Is Adobe run by controllers?


      What a poor business decision!

      Probably Muse was loss making for you, or at least not profitable enough. But is the basic business case obsolete, the unique positioning? No. But even if you say it is: Why on earth didn't you just announce the discontinuation of feature updates and moved most developers to new projects but kept the product going for at least three more years? The income you generated along the way would have been bigger than the incurred cost, for sure - definitely when factoring in the damage you are causing to your future business development prospects in the web space. Which Muse user would ever trust you again with another web-design software? You could have discontinued BC or in browser editing to simplify maintenance and development. Ever heard of MVP? You could have outsourced the support and kept the product going with zero impact on your oh so promising XD and Spark products - which will disappear in no time at all, for sure. But no: you discontinue support in little more than a year. This is either sheer stupidity, the consequence of a series of bad HR decisions, some side effect of an ill thought through incentive scheme or a combination thereof. No design-thinking workshop is going to fix this for you. Whoever is responsible for this decision should get laid off. The web may change fast, but web professionals need dependable tools. If you don't provide those, you lose web professionals as customers. Easy. Short term this decision surely looks nice on the P&L. Mid-term to long term it erodes your foundation, Adobe.

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          ankushr40215001 Level 7

          Hey soffy_o,


          Apologize for your frustration.

          I understand that the transition to another software will not be without challenges.


          Having said that, Adobe Muse will continue to be around and supported for another year. You can continue using Adobe Muse beyond that as long as its code is supported by web standards and browsers, and for as long as your OS supports it.


          If you have hosted your site on BC, you have a year to migrate it to a third-party hosting provider.

          Assets such as text and images can be exported for use after migration.


          We have started a discussion on discussing alternative solutions and migration paths Adobe Muse EOL announcement - Alternatives to Adobe Muse? and will be inviting our experts here to participate.

          Please bookmark this forum post for reference.





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            Royce Is Real Level 1

            "What a poor business decision!"


            "The web may change fast, but web professionals need dependable tools. If you don't provide those, you lose web professionals as customers."


            I'm not sure you are reading the writing on the wall, mate.


            As AI becomes a bigger thing, as the internet makes us more connected, and as more apps come out to auto-generate "Creative" content, the role of the professional commercial artist becomes obsolete. You and I might not like it, but those are the facts.

            Adobe isn't the one making the poor business decisions. They have no onus to prop up your career. If they don't pursue the money where the money is at, then they will have their lunch stolen by the Instagrams and whoever else is automating used-to-be-a-careers into a "filter".