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    Dragger behavior stopped working

    nlemonc Level 1



      This puppet's left arm was not moving the way I wanted, so I removed the sticks and handles, then put them back. For some reason, the dragger now won't work. For either arm. I closed Character Animator and reopened, it still wouldn't work, so I closed the program and restarted my computer. Still no go.


      I'm sure there is something simple that I have overlooked, but I've never had this happen before. Any help is greatly appreciated.




      Thank you,


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          alank99101739 Level 4

          Tried to download the file in case something easy, but it came up with "permission denied".

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            nlemonc Level 1

            Sorry! I had set permission to anyone with link could access...I just saw your email so you should have access now.



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              alank99101739 Level 4

              Well, I actually enjoy debugging puppets because of the breadth of puppets I get to see! I must say, I was not expecting that one! ;-)


              Some suggestions:

              * You might want to use "+Head" to make the head an independent group - then the head will tilt etc without the body moving so much

              * You might want to set the "Head Position Strength" to something low, to keep the head attached to the body (e.g. zero)

              * You have handles on the hands, but they are missing the "Draggable" tag. Add that tag (or add new draggers) and it all works (click on handle, then click on "Draggable" in the tags)



              The funny thing is sometimes the character is keeping his eyes closed for extended periods of time - I think the light is not very strong at my desk so the face recognition is getting it wrong. But it really looked like he was concentrating rather hard... which given the rest of the puppet was making me feel... a little uncomfortable...  But others will have to download the puppet if they want to understand!  ;-) ;-) ;-)


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                nlemonc Level 1

                LoL! Thank you for the help with this puppet, who I was reticent to put up, do to the fact he is being used for a children's medical video about constipation.

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                  alank99101739 Level 4

                  Ha! It sounds like your puppet is perfect then! He looked like he was trying very hard, which was exactly the situation.


                  Note: I think there is a mark as correct answer button if this is answered. Helps others know its answered it gives m profile an ego boost. (I don’t really care about the ego boost - but Adobe staff do check the forums. I am hoping they can spend more time focussing on the tough unanswered questions if we the community can close off the easy ones without them.)

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                    nlemonc Level 1

                    Oops, thought I had marked that! YES, your answer was spot on...maybe I should put a link to video when this one is done...we've done Celiac Disease, this one is constipation and the next one (which is a bit more...umm...) will be for IBS. I definitely have to design very...unique puppets at my job.