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    Brush not working properly!

    exploding_bunni Level 1

      Hello, i need some help in troubleshooting this issue. i open photoshop to draw, i am using the brush tool, and when i try and lay down a stroke in an attempt to draw, it only pans around the canvas as if i'm holding space and moving the cursor around. the only time i can get a stroke is if i make a stroke from left to right and even then that is a hit or miss. when i am zoomed out at 100% i can draw fairly okay, however if i zoom in and go past 100% the issue returns in which i cannot draw and i end up just panning around the canvas. i reset preferences, uninstalled/reinstalled photoshop, reset my drivers for my wacom, uninstalled/reinstalled my wacom driver, restarted my computer, and i'm running low on ideas. i even fooled around in the settings in the wacom driver and nothing. it's such a niche problem and i really need the assistance.