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    Accessibility check: auto tag changes tab order


      I am using the Accessibility checker in Acrobat DC and am finding some issues I didn't come across in older versions. I have 2 issues when running the accessibility checker full check:


      - tagged content is failing and when I use the "Autotag document" tool, the tab order is changed. Even though I checked that the tabs are numbered correctly and show in the correct order in the list of fields  that comes up when I open 'Prepare Form', they tab through in the wrong order (top to bottom instead of across as I need them to).

      tab order top to bottom instead of accross but numbers show it is correct.PNG

      - I can't get Jaws screen reader software or the 'Read Aloud' tool to read text at the top of the document. It skips right to the form fields. The content is in the correct order in 'content view' and in the 'reading order' tool. I tried changing the container type and dragging the container to another location but it didn't make any difference.


      Any insights would be helpful. Thank you.Capture.PNG

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          Dave__M Adobe Community Professional

          The Autotag feature can only make its best guess, based on left to right & top to bottom.  For me, it can come reasonably close in a text-only doc.  Form fields?  That's throwing a big curve ball to something that is built to guess.  I've always had to dedicate a lot of time cleaning things up after an Autotag.  If I find something that might be helpful, I'll post it.


          Good luck,



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