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    Panorama 360° Collage



      I was wondering if it's possible to make a 360° Panorama (like https://raw.githubusercontent.com/aframevr/aframe/v0.7.0/examples/boilerplate/panorama/puy desancy.jpg )

      with Photoshop but only with existing "normal photo" with a collage technique.

      Composing your own 360° photo with parts of photos.


      Thanks in advance,


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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          You will be able to view and patch  360 spherical Panorama in Photoshop 3D feature.  You will not be able to stitch seamless 360 spherical panorama with Photoshop.  They Are normally shot with fisheye lens and stitched with specialized stitching software.  Photomerge and Photoshop stitching will not be able to do a good stitching job.


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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            I stitched 13 5MP shots done on a tripod into a 360+ Cylindrical Panorama and trimmed the ends to make it a 360 one and added gray canvas for the missing sky and ground.  I a made it  a 3d Spherical panorama for viewing in Photoshop 3D feature,  The final seam was better than I thought it would be,