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    Abode please please don't do this!!!

    Jack61 Level 1

      My business will go under I rely on Muse for all my web designing its the only program

      that will do the job, what the hell am I going to do now!!!!!!


      I have tried all your other Wed design programs, there all faddy lightwieght crap aimed

      at teenagers in there bedrooms.


      The design community running business and don't forget Adobe its these businesses

      clients that are paying your subs:!!!!!


      Designers need a flexible detailed indesign based web design program like muse.


      I have been using Adobe product for 30 years from Photoshop vision 1 until now,

      Muse opened up a hole new area of business for me, muse gave back the power

      of design to designers and took it away from difficult to work with no idea of

      the aesthetics of design coders!!


      Now your taking it away again!!!!!!!

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          ankushr40215001 Level 7

          Hey Jack61,


          We hear you. Please visit this discussion https://adobe.ly/2ulFqm5 on the forum where other users are discussing alternative solutions. Adobe Muse will continue to be supported for OS compatibility until May next year.


          You can continue creating sites in Muse until its code is compatible with latest web standards, which means you still can deal with your current business while looking around for a substitute.





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            Jack61 Level 1

            You don’t get it all we want is Muse we dont care about me gimmick, third party sellers like Musetheme

            can provide those we just need a small team at Adober to keep it up to current Browser standards!


            Thousands apon thousands of website can not be re built in other platforms with in a year or so,

            this is a process that could take 5 years at least and who will pay for the re builds Adobe!!


            All we are asking is keep it running and up to date for a few years more by which time

            a lot od cilents websites will need re designing anyway then I am sure we will all

            give your new platform a go.


            Or work out some kind of bridge to current and old Muse files and not just HTML files

            can be opened and use in your new platform!!


            Do you understand now Graphic Designers need Muse we dont want to go back to the bad old days

            of being at the mersy of Coders and we dont want to use some bedroom DIY program,

            we want somthing proffetional looking like indesgn befitting of our trade thats what Muse offered!!!



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              ankushr40215001 Level 7

              We are actively collecting all our user sentiments and definitely let this into the ears of the product management and higher levels from where the decisions flow.


              Till now we see a very strong unity among the community against Muse end of life.





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                Jack61 Level 1

                Thank you I am pleased someone is listening!!!!

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                  lukeb42432367 Level 1



                  Thanks for listening to your customers. Adobe Muse is a great piece of software and shouldn't be dropped. There are so many designers that have really embraced it and it only getting better. Adobe, please reconsider this decision.

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                    lukeb42432367 Level 1

                    I couldn't agree with you more Jack61.


                    Adobe, please reconsider dropping Muse.

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                      cloudninedesign Level 2

                      In 23 years of using Adobe products almost exclusively for print and web design, I have never seen this company act so disrespectfully and cavalierly towards its users. I have spent thousands of hours designing Muse sites for my clients and now that investment is worthless. I'm infuriated. I truly wish I wasn't an expert in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Acrobat, because if I wasn't, I would quit Adobe in a heartbeat. I've made a 23-year investment in Adobe and their products, and by discontinuing Muse without a care for me and my livelihood, they have thrown me away like last day's garbage. Ending Adobe Muse and Business Catalyst is unforgivable. ADOBE, YOU SUCK.