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    One Hand


      I only have the use of one hand. So, i can't option-click on a point to covert it. So, is it possible to assign option to the right mouse button. This would make my life way easier. I use photoshop everyday.

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          Kukurykus Adobe Community Professional

          Too bad you use Macintosh. With Windows you can have all sort of asignments by free XMouse Button Control - Highrez

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            doublediagonal Level 1

            i could use a pc. It would be worth it. Please tell me more...

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              Conrad C Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You can't assign an option-click to a mouse button using the Photoshop keyboard shortcut editor, but there are still multiple ways you might do that on a Mac.


              If you are using a non-Apple mouse or stylus, you might be able to use its software to assign an Option-click to one of its buttons. For example, that's been a standard feature of the Wacom tablet stylus and mouse for many years.


              For other brands of mice and trackpads, including Apple's, you can use software like USB Overdrive or BetterTouchTool to assign custom clicks to a button, including Option-click.


              There are probably more Mac options than that; those are just the three I know.

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                Kukurykus Adobe Community Professional

                I bought mouse that has LMB, RMB, Middle Button, 4th Button, 5th Button, 2 direction roll, and 2 direction tilt, so 9 'buttons' in sum. I guess your mouse doesn't have 4th and 5th buttons as well as tilt. They are not used in Photoshop so you can bind to one of them ALT key. Still you can use it with Right Mouse Button (with special XMBC option that disable everything that is triggered from Photoshop, but send at same time that fucntion, like ALT you set to). After 10 years of improvements XMBC is so advanced tool that it'd take too much time to write about everything it got. If you'd like to get started with go to forum I linked you, and if not Phil who created it then maybe someone else like me will answer your questions. Here's not a place for it. That may be hard to imagine but I use keyboard only to type text, everything else I do in Photoshop I do with mouse (and I'm not talking about choosing items from menu, no, shortcuts to them I have set to mouse buttons as well). I know it sounds unbeliveble, but in my mouse I have set about 200 different functions, that many of them are scripts or sequences.

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                  Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

                  I was thinking about this when a possible solution was sat right in front of my on my desk.  Gaming keyboards, gaming mice, and gaming extension keyboards (key-pads).  These have addition keys that can be set to trigger a series of keystrokes, including modifier keys.  Check out the Logitech and Razer Gaming hardware.


                  I use a Logitech G602 which only has six G-keys, but I think the Razer Naga has 12.  I don't find G-keys particularly easy to use on a mouse, and I only use four of the six on my G-602.  I also don't think that these mice come in a left handed versions, so you'd be out of luck if it is your right hand that is missing.

                  Gaming keyboards are way better, and I love them and have been using them for years, now on a Logitech G910,  which has three banks of nine G-keys.  I also love the volume control on the top right of this keyboard.

                  Logitech Gaming Software is better than Razer's Synapse software, but both get the job done.  I has been trying for years to get a Logitech G13 keyboard, but they are no longer made, so I got a Razer Orbweaver a few weeks ago.  Razer's advert for the Orbweaver actually portrays it as a one handed device.  It has 20 keys plus an eight way thumb control, a space bar paddle, and a button to switch profiles.  You can have as many profiles as you like with Razer Synapse.  Both Razer and Logitech are context specific, but whereas Synapse switches to Photoshop by simply placing the cursor inside the Photoshop window, Logitech requires you to switch manually.

                  Note they all have bright LED back lit keys that can be set individually.  I love the simple feature of matching the G910 cursor keys to axis colours in SketchUp, as I am always forgetting.


                  So I hope that helps.  Having got used to using these tools, I'd hate to be without them.  They are better quality than non gaming hardware, because they are designed to be hammered!  A good mouse is essential with Photoshop IMO, to give you minute control when placing points on a clipping path etc..  You can easily switch mouse sensitivity as well.




                  Give me a shout if I can help in any way.

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                    doublediagonal Level 1

                    This is great but i can't get either to work.

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                      doublediagonal Level 1

                      usb overload or the other one

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                        Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

                        There are other things to try like Sticky Keys


                        macOS Sierra: Keyboard pane of Accessibility System Preferences



                        How it works, is for example, you want to set the clone source point, just select the Clone stamp tool, press and release the Option key and you'll notice the cursor changes to the sorta cross hair that your familiar with when setting the clone source, then click with your mouse to set the clone source point and when you release the mouse button the option key is also automatically released.


                        Same if, for example, you want to constrain a selection tool like the rectangular marquee tool, one presses shift, draws

                        the selection and when the mouse is released so is the Shift key.

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                          Kukurykus Adobe Community Professional

                          Off-topic: could you share with me in that topic [CTRL]+TAB no longer cycles through minimized documents in CC2018? some good workarounds? Perhaps I'm missing something I can do in the situation old method won't be working anymore.

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                            doublediagonal Level 1

                            thanks for all of the replies. If I can figure this out it will be huge for me! Right now I am using my iPad battery to hold down option. I will try sticky keys tomorrow!

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                              doublediagonal Level 1

                              thanks sticky keys worked!