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      i use LR 5 and have lost everything. it kept saying the catalog could not be found. i finally got it open, but my LR is empty. all my stuff is gone. I'm stupid retarded  when it comes to computers, and have no idea want I'm doing. is there a number i can call to help me figure out how to get my stuff back? am i just better off getting the new cc and hope and pray i get support?

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          dj_paige Level 10

          First, open Lightroom and then select File->Open Recent and open each catalog shown there.


          If that doesn't work:


          Use your operating system's search feature to search all of your hard disks for files whose name ends with .LRCAT and then double-click on each file found until you open one that shows your photos.


          If that doesn't work:


          Restore a recent backup of your catalog file.

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            jenniferk8094237 Level 1

            we were able to get most back. i am still missing like 6 sessions, but i have them backed up on an external hard drive, so I'm assuming i can just move back over?

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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              As DJ pointed out, check your hard drive for other catalogs. The catalog is the only file Lightroom opens. I don't know what backups you have or are referring to. But if those backups are catalogs then perhaps one of those catalogs will have the other sessions.

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                jenniferk8094237 Level 1

                i have all my sessions saved into files on an external hard drive. we found a bunch of separate files of images for lightroom on the computer hard drive, but they are all single files.

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                  JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  What do you mean by files? What kind of files, what extension is on the files?

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                    jenniferk8094237 Level 1

                    i might be using the wrong verbiage. I'm not exagerating when i say i know NOTHING about computers. I don't even completely understand exactly how LR works, or difference between "files" or "catalogs". but when i import images into LR, i put each session into a separate folder and label it. i also have those exact folder or file saved on an external hard drive. the folder on my external hard drive has 2 separate folders within each folder labeled JPEG and DNG. i still have all of those files or folders on my external hard drive. some of my images i did find on my computer, but i was thinking i can just take off my external hard drive and re-import into LR? i really barely have any idea what I'm doing. i took a short intro course on LR back when LR5 was new. so i don't know too much about how it works.

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                      WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                      Visit here- https://www.lightroomqueen.com/blog/

                      and request a copy of the free  Quick Start Guide to Lightroom Classic CC

                      Your understanding of Lightroom workings needs serious learning before you get more confusion with your catalog.

                      When you say- "i also have those exact folder or file saved on an external hard drive." it suggests to me that you think that Lightroom contains a copy of your images, not correct!

                      And- Re-Importing is RARELY the answer for most catalog problems, as it means ALL you past work is lost.