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    The End of Web Design as we know it.

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      If Adobe truly believes that Adobe spark is going to be the next generation of Web designing well they all we can say is that the career of web design is over. Because once anyone even a company or a business is able to do a website from their smart phone or device there is no need for computer based designing. Maybe the developing field on backend and server side but designing and front end it is mostly over. Adobe Spark Page on the App Store  is this where the design field is truly heading?


      Lets be honest, the future of web designing as a business is closing up very soon. When more and more these tools are released not just for a business sense but for the every day person that can start a business on their own and won't need to pay out extra to someone either with a degree or not. Also taking chances of getting screwed over in the end so they rather do it themselves which is why WP has moved from being a blogger based form site/forum builder to a static and dynamic site builder and now you see all these other WYSIWYG tools. It is better to learn to develop and create your own CMS and try your best to out beat the competition. But if the world of Web Design is moving more and more to a mobile device app then it is best to start looking for other things that is not have been done yet and work towards that. Because soon or later companies and businesses all will need is a mobile device, a web hoster and content and they are good to go. That is where it is all going to, Eliminate the business side of designing and give more control to big companies which in turn we will be forced to work for. I have ten years of designing and developing and I have seen this trend slowly become a reality. The design field is heavily saturated by those that don't know much about designing and a few that really do know. All I get from time to time is, "Help!!, can you do this to my site, can you help me on my site or, how did you do that can you show me how?" When I say I can help with a charge they turn away and expect free hand outs when I developed it from hand. I have used MUSE it is fun to use when I can inject my own code into it. I do mostly use Dreamweaver. But that is going away as well because hand coding static sites is over and now back end Dynamic site building is mostly I do on the server side. Front end is saturated and out of control. So it is time to look at areas that are not have been touched yet or isn't over saturated.


      Also lets be honestly how many have gone to school and learn about Designing and Developing? Also how many have a degree. I bet not many know how to do ASP.net. I don't use it, it is crap. But I am just stating as not many know about Ruby on Rails, Coffee script, SaSS, React.js, Metor.js,  angular.js and, Bootstrap. These are just a few front end/back end types of scripting that is used in on the web today. So all if design field is leaving the individual business field and developing will be the most objective field to be in when many big companies are not looking for designers but for developers.