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    Discontinuing Muse?!


      I'd like to join the wider community in voicing my absolute despair at Adobe discontinuing what was a first class and innovative product.


      Also pulling the plug on Business catalyst without notice.


      Monumental PR fail!!!!


      As MD for a large web development business Muse provided a incredible alternative to code developed sites.


      We are a major consumer across the business of Adobe products and this new has severely dented my faith in both your business and products.


      I just hope your accountants have a change of heart and the global community can vote with their feet and wallets in telling Adobe that if you launch a product and expect to build brand loyalty, this is no way to treat your customers!!



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          Paul B Manager Level 1

          Absolutely agree with you russelld46867526. Just completed my new business website using Muse, and sent it live two weeks ago. Nice timing Adobe and I'm thinking less of you as each day passes.

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            Royce Is Real Level 1

            If you look at the number of people frequently Muse related content creation sites, the Muse footprint among creatives simply wasn't that big. Adobe has no reason to continue pouring millions of dollars into development of a product so 12 customers can have careers.


            The reality of our industry is that individual, unlearned people are becoming "creatives" by way of filters and auto-generated content. Adobe knows this. It doesn't make sense for them to forego all of that potential money and to keep propping up our industry of professional creatives.

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              mighty mudman

              I deeply implore Adobe to please reconsider the discontinuing of Muse. There is really no substitute. I do all my web design on the platform. Once again, Adobe has shown it is more beholden to its shareholders then their customers.

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                Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                https://forums.adobe.com/people/mighty+mudman  wrote


                I deeply implore Adobe to please reconsider the discontinuing of Muse.

                That won't happen.  But hey,  you can  keep using Muse for as long as your OS supports it.   Muse is fine as a quick prototyping tool.  But I wouldn't use it to create future web projects  because it's not fit for purpose.   Web standards are changing constantly and Muse can't keep pace with those changes.


                There is really no substitute.

                Oh come on.  There are plenty of drag & drop web authoring and code editing tools out there.  Delve a little deeper and you'll see what I mean. 


                See the Google Spreadsheet below.

                Muse Alternatives - Google Sheets.