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    closing Muse down is the worst thing Adobe has ever done!

    bernwa Level 2

      This really is unbelievable!  I've relied on Muse for the last 4 or 5 years and almost all of my sites are built in it.  How can you do this?  I pay a monthly fee for Creative Adobe products and this is the one program I use the most!  Just horrible news!  Please tell us we're going to see a new product that does what Muse does but better.  Please tell us something instead of pulling the plug with no warning.  I've never been more disappointed with you guys!


      And were you at any point going to send a notice to your customers?  This is just downright poor business.  If you don't put forward a comparable product to Muse that I can build my sites with I may be forced to take my business elsewhere!  I feel so disrespected and violated!!!