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    Re: Adobe pricing '*** about face' surely

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      Osgood wrote:
      > This just isnt right. We all sit around like lame assed idiots and let
      > the banks take us to the brink of the abyss and now Adobe is trying to
      > rip people off.

      Just for the record, this isn't a new policy. I first noticed the
      discrepancy between boxed and download prices several years ago. It
      struck me as odd, so I did a little digging to find out what was
      happening. Adobe is following EU regulations as far as this is
      concerned. VAT is charged on downloaded software at the point of
      delivery. If the server is in another EU country, you are charged the
      VAT rate applicable in that country. If the server is outside the EU,
      you should be charged the rate applicable in your own country. I buy
      quite a lot of software through electronic download, so have noticed the
      different rates of VAT charged by different companies. If I recall
      correctly, companies based in Germany charge VAT at 19%. I bought
      something recently from another European country and the VAT was 16%.

      I know it makes little sense, but tax laws very rarely make sense. The
      only people to whom VAT rates are significant are individuals not
      registered for VAT. And if they object to the higher level of tax, they
      have the option to buy the boxed version, which is taxed at the local rate.

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