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    Thank You Adobe!!!!

    Gabriel Kärrby Level 1

      Well…thank you again Adobe. First we build solutions with Adobe Edge Animate…and you say: "nah, we're not doing this anymore". No you are doing the same with Muse. Thousands (probably more) of companies, like my own, are developing solutions for their clients with Muse…but you don't care…you just pull the plug and move on...and don't give a s#€t. I wish there was a way to make you responsible, financially, but I'm sure there isn't. All those projects like XD, Dimensions (btw a big joke), Portfolio, Spark, etc... Just drop it. There is now way in hell that I, and I hope more people than I reason like I do, will try any of your idiot projects, that's just risking my reputation.


      What you don't understand, or perhaps just don't care about, is that we create promises to our customers based on what you promise your tools can create. With Edge I had 20+ app solutions delivered to a big industrial company, with a yearly revenue of more that 10 billion euros per year, I could do nothing more than tell them that Adobe decided to cancel the product and that there was nothing for me to do. Of course I could have rebuilt it in Flash Professional, but who should pay for that? Certainly not my customer. I pray that competition will have you going Quark, you would surely deserve it.



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          jennifert21988128 Level 1

          Thank you for your post.

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            marcelb82743281 Level 1

            Exactly the same what i was thinking. Same me with Edge and now with Muse.

            Spark, XD and Demension are just a joke. They are like ideas from internships.
            The truth is that you  should not invest time and money in any new software project from Adobe. You are the Beta Tester, and non of them are thought through to the end.
            In German we would say: "Voll verarscht"


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              JStutzman Level 1

              Yes, I agree. Except the Quark part. This is very bad news. Why didn't you survey your Muse users? Musers? It's a great product that needed just a bit more expert development like you have put into InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator over the years. This is a shock and will cause me to have to recreate several websites in yet another program. XD, Spark and Portfolio are no good. Toys. Muse had it going on! Very disappointed Adobe.

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                Kfbeau Level 1

                This is the 3rd time Adobe has screwed me over regarding their WYSWYG website applications. An early user of GoLive which Adobe purchased then stabbed though the heart a few years later. Now Muse which made me a fan of Adobe (I didn't think it possible after 24 years a customer) and history and Adobe repeats itself and kills the app my lively hood depends on. My choice it appears is to try to adapt one of those featherweight apps which create web albums or get serious and hire a coder. Muse hit the sweat spot and I can't believe that there are not many more people in my situation that feel shafted by your move.


                So what is the future of Muse? If we cancel our subscription today we loose the use of the app and 5 years of $15 per month gives me a website which can no longer be edited by Muse. What happen whey Muse is no longer supported do we continue paying you $15 per month to use out dated software?


                Time to look elsewhere for another solution, anyone have some advice? Goodbye Adobe and good riddance.

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                  u9iouiuljuiouj Level 1

                  It's quite frustrating the software discontinuations. I thought "Hmm Edge looks interesting" but nope that's gone. I never really got comfortable with Flash Pro which is basically what Animate appears to be. I had a website on Muse, nope that's gone back to the drawing board. Switched over to Dreamweaver with some difficulty as my HTML knowledge is only so-so and had to find a template to make anything decent.

                  Further back, you also discontinued Encore which is a pain as I like the idea of creating DVDs with unique custom menus and nothing replaced it as far as I can tell. It's sort of available but awkward to get to and not updated. I can see how experienced users would be frustrated about products being added, they learn them, then they are pulled away again including whatever is made with the software (unavailable to edit or so).

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                    Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    u9iouiuljuiouj  wrote


                    ...you also discontinued Encore ...

                    I've been using Adobe products since the 90's.  With the possible exception of print, nothing stays the same. 


                    Encore is  included in legacy  Premier Pro CS6.  You'll find CS6 if you tick the box for Show Older Apps in your CC Desktop App.