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    Acrobat Pro DC disregards page zoom settings

    mvheim Level 1

      When opening a document, Acrobat defaults to Fit Width. Inside a document, if I change the zoom on say, page 1 to Fit Visible, then go to another page and come back, the first page shifts back to Fit Width. Basically, every time I turn a page, I have to change the zoom setting.


      I went to Preferences and set the default to Fit Visible. This had no effect on this or other documents.


      I went to Properties for the document and set the Open property to Fit Visible, saved the document, and opened it again. It defaulted back to Fit Width.


      This is new -- it didn't used to work like this, It used to function as expected; setting Properties would stick, and changing zoom on individual pages would stick.


      Please fix this bug.


      I am using 2018.011.20038 on MacOS 10.12.6.