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    syncing edits from right to left?

    azpix Level 1

      In LR, if edit a photo in the film strip on the bottom, i can use sync to apply those same edits to the photos selected to the right.



      is there a way to sync the edits made to the photo on the right to the photos on the left?

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          JohanElzenga Adobe Community Professional

          Yes. The direction is not important. The only thing that is important is that when you select multiple images, there is one 'most selected' image. That thumbnail has a different colour, and that is the image that will show when you go to loupe view or the develop module. When you sync settings, the settings of that image will be copied to the other selected images, no matter if they are on the left, on the right, or if the most selected image is somewhere in the middle.


          So in practice: select the image with the edits, then shift-click on the image on the left of it that is the last one you want to sync. All the images between these two will be selected as well, and the image on the right will remain the 'most selected' image.

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