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    Error: Could not complete your request because of an error.


      I've tried to recreate this a few times in different way.


      The sure-fire way to get it to happen is to open a new document.

      Select the text tool.

      Click on the canvas

      Start to type

      Click outside, as though to commit the text.

      Boom! Error.


      The PSErrorLog.txt:


      ..\..\sources\UBlendUtilities.cpp : 5595 : REQUIRE failed


      Probably 50 times.


      I have updated windows,

      I have updated PS

      I have uninstalled PS

      I have reinstalled PS (without any preferences... sad face)

      I have not recently installed anything except for updating all the CC apps that I have.

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          I do not have that exact problem on my Windows 10 workstation with Photoshop CC 2018 version 19.1.2. If I click outside the document.  However Photoshop behavior is not consistent either.  Most places I click on does not change the state of the text tool. The text cursor is still blinking ant I can add more text. However if I click  the image windows scroll bar area the text will be committed.  If I click on me second display the text will be committed.  One click I did cause a Photoshop failure that set a report to Adobe and Photoshop terminated.  There was no Windows crash report generated for that failure. However, there was a recovery document when I started Photoshop the next time that had the text layer.  CC 2018 still seem to have some stability issues but on my machine I was unable to reproduce the error message you get.