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    # of AC_RunActiveContent Needed?

      New to this forum and about to publish and update my site from Flash 6 to 9. I realize the process of placing the AC_RunActiveContent.js file and scripts that go along with it.

      My question is:
      If I have a <head> section that is used for my entire PHP site for all the HTML documents (which all point to this <head> section), for all these different HTML pages do I need a separate AC_RunActiveContent.js files (multiple files for each HTML page to hold the SWFs)? SUch as AC_RunActiveContent1.js, AC_RunActiveContent2.js for the SWF's in page HTML1.html and SWF's in page HTML2.html etc.

      Or will the one AC_RunActiveContent.js work for the entire set of pages if all those pages are looking at that <head> section?