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    Active selection goes to font size after using Select & Mask

    paislie666 Level 1

      I think this started happening when I updated to CC 2018 and I can't seem to find any explanation.


      I keep the Character panel at the top of the panels on the right.  I usually use Select and Mask (since refine selection disappeared) to tweak my selection before I delete it or Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V the results to another tab.  But after I finish using Select and Mask, the active selection goes to Font Size, so deleting will delete the number in the font size box and not the selected part of the image.  Likewise when I go to paste what i think i've copied, it pastes the previous item from the clipboard and I have to go back and recopy from the image instead of font size box.  If I want to get the selected part of the image I have to click on the Move tool or another Selection tool before I can copy and paste.  I was hoping the last update would fix it but it didn't.


      photoshop example.jpg


      Does anyone know why this happens or how I can fix this?