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    Is there a way to add the "Add/Edit Web or Document Link" to Toolbar?

    kp83928644 Level 1

      I am able to add the "Link" button with the dropdown icon into toolbar as shown on the image.  However, I am unable to figure out a way to isolate the tool located in the dropdown, the "Add/Edit Web or Document Link". Since I am doing large reports that have over 300 instruments in the reports, and each instrument is linked within the report to an indices and vice versa, I really only need to access the "Add/Edit Web or Document Link" to quickly create those inter-document links.  Efficiency would be significantly increased if I am able to circumnavigate having to constantly open the dropdown to access the necessary tool.  Ideally being able to directly access the "Add/Edit Web or Document Link" in the toolbar.  Is this possible? Thank you for any feedback!




      Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 10.11.52 AM.png