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    PSD won't open - get "could not complete your request because of a program error"

    michaelh14358952 Level 1

      Like many others I have gotten the dreaded 'could not complete your request because of a program error' message when trying to open a PSD. Unlike most mine is a single PSD, all the others I have open fine.


      The first answer that I'll get then will be that it's a corrupted file...and that may be true but in the past when my Windows machine would randomly shutdown, the psd file would still retain the same file size, and would open but only have a single black layer with a red bar across the top. But in those instances, I would not get the error message, simply a empty file.


      Since the last time this happened (just a couple months back) I have been diligent about saving often and not leaving Photoshop running when I put my system to sleep.

      However yesterday I did leave it up BUT the affected psd file was not open at the time, in fact I saved it, closed the file. I returned home to find my lovely Windows had decided to reboot on it's own and a file that was not even open is now affected!?


      I have tried the remedies of changing the type default and even trying to open it in different versions of PS, including on a different machine to no avail.


      Now I get that when a system crashes or reboots when a program is running it will cause some problems but HOW DOES IT EFFECT A FILE THAT IS NOT EVEN OPEN?


      To add I checked the temp log and there is not Photoshop crash file.


      I know this is a long shot since pretty much every post with this error has no resolution but I thought I would try...