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    Customize installer



      We need to customize installer, one’s we have accepted the application; we need to use a custom installer that will guide through some installations settings that should be completed to launch the desktop application.
      Customization means that we can set background image, window title, obtain information from the installer form and send it to the server and desktop application.
      Is it possible? And how it can be performed. Or the installation environment always will be defined by Adobe.

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          i didn't see any instructions about custom installer and i dont think you can change air installation screen, but you can do what u want without customizing installer..

          you can pop new windows in air, so you can place an icon such as "Options", then if user clicks -after installed and opened the air package- that button, he/she can customize the program by the new window.. Then saves locally to db or xml..
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            Joe ... Ward Level 4
            No, you cannot alter the installation UI. This is an important security feature that prevents malicious apps from masquerading as something legitimate. You can complete custom setup operations the first time a user runs the application.
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              Robert Christensen Level 2

              Though we do not provide a way of customizing the install dialogs, you can apply for a redistribution license and create your own custom installer that includes AIR and your application.

              For more information, see:

              Also, see the the FAQ:

              From the FAQ:

              Q: Can I redistribute the Adobe AIR Runtime as part of a native installer or with my product’s installer?
              A: Yes. If you follow the Adobe AIR Runtime Distribution License Agreement application process and are approved by Adobe, then you may distribute the Adobe AIR Runtime or include the installer files with your product’s installer only for purposes of installing the Adobe AIR Runtime or your Adobe AIR application. However, the Adobe AIR Runtime installation locations or settings cannot be altered. You also may not distribute the Adobe AIR installer files or the extracted Adobe AIR installer files within your product installer for any other purpose than installation of the Adobe AIR runtime or your Adobe AIR Application.

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                What I do is this:

                1) User installs the application via the AIR installer
                2) Check EncrypedLocalStore for a "numTimesRun" setting
                3) If "numTimesRun" is null, then it's the first time the user has run the appl
                4) Welcome the user and walk the user through a custom setup wizard.
                5) If changes are needed later, we provide an options section in the application.