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      Hi, I have this problem from the begging of using (and with a different models of) WACOM tablet (so like 6 years!!!), and I have no idea how actually I can find the solution for this issue, so please help me if you can!


      I use Photoshop for the drawing and it doesn't matter which version it is, what computer I am using - it's always the same...I can not really describe the problem, so it's the best if you look at the attached picture:



      Some of the lines, very often, instead of 'clean ends' get this little SOMETHING in the end...it's super annoying and because of that I have to spend double time also on erasing these extra endings. Sometimes I can manage to avoid it, but there's no rule :/


      Because I never could find an answer for this issue I kind of gave up...however, it's definitely too much time consuming and I can't see this issue anywhere else...it's super frustrating and I just need to speed up my drawing.


      So if anyone knows how to fix this or if there's anyway to fix this (some special pen pressure settings?!), you would rock my world and I'd appreciate more than anything else!


      I'm going crazy with this


      Thank You