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    Cannot cancel Adobe Stock  after free trial !


      Hi I got the full creative cloud recently and was given the option for 1 month adobe stock.

      i got the free offer but did not use it - only used 3 images.

      on the last day + 1 i realised i did not cancel so went to cancel ( a very difficult link to find) to only thrown a message that you 17 images in subscription will be deleted if you do not use it. and i think it said use for a month and then cancel


      so now i have 3 days left and i downloaded the images so i can cancel it - now when i click it shows me i have 3 options

      1. 60 days free subscription added on to full trial expirey date - so i am stuck for another full year

      2. chat to customer service (which is taking ages to respond !)

      3. cancel and pay 115 £ - half of the remaining subscription ! I just got one month in..



      did anyone else have this problem ?

      I know their answer will be you are tied to 1 year but any subscription services which says paid monthly you can cancel with 1 month notice or you buy full year upfront payment for a better discount.

      why is adobe doing this ? this seems falls selling for such a good tool that I have started to love !


      thanks for any advice.