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    Lightroom 5.71 OSX invalid serial number


      Hey all,


      Recently switched Macbook Pro at work to a newer USB-C running High Sierra 10.13.2. I have an existing CC installation with Photoshop CC and Acrobat Pro CC running - separate Adobe.com work account.


      I have an old Lightroom 5 Classic serial number that I bought my self for private use. It is an upgrade license from Lightroom 4. Both LR 4 and LR 5 license keys starts with 1160 as they should - bought from Adobe.com and listed here on Adobe.com on my private account. LR 5 worked fine together with my employers business CC on my previous Macbook Pro.


      When starting LR 5.71 is the Adobe Application Manager asking me to login with my Adobe.com account. I login with my private account (the one owning the serial numbers) and enter the serial number. When I click Next on the serial number screen is it throwing an error message "The serial number you entered is invalid. Please try again. If the problem persists, contact Customer Support.".


      I have tried to kill all Adobe and CC related processes on my Mac and tried other things. Nothing seems to resolve it.


      Any idea why my serial number is not working and how I solve it?