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    Who is going to pay for rebuilding 500,000+ live websites?

    work_at_it Level 2

      ....that's how many live sites between Muse and BC, according to BuiltWith. 473,000 Muse, 78,000 BC.


      Adobe, your press release explanation suggests you think that when the dust settles, there are only going to be two kinds of websites out there (DIY templates or big agency driven). You are wrong.


      DIY is already peaking, just take a look at the frustration of Wix users, and number of clients let down by the promises of "update-it-yourself." If your new vision were true, the majority of people today would be sending their brochures to print with Microsoft Word instead of InDesign.


      The desktop publishing revolution is being repeated on the web, but it's in slow motion, just because there is more to learn than with a static layout program.


      No respect for the financial damage you have inflicted on our businesses. Now I have to rebuild 48 websites.