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    Canon Raw Import Error?


      Hi there,

      have an issue with Canon RAW Imports in Bridge and Photoshop. Many Picture have stripes and other errors like this.

      The picture is made by Canon EOS 7D, 15-85 OBjective. The camera and Objective was in Maintenance by canon. with out any effect.

      During the import to Photo-Shop I do have effects like this. When I open the RAW-Files with Windows Foto-Viewer, the picture is normal without any errors. So far seems the Camera Raw (10.2) Installation is not working.


      Where are coming this effects from?


      Best regards


      2018-03-27 19_15_08-Camera Raw 10.2 - Canon EOS 7D Mark II.png

      Im Foto-Viewer (Standard Windows 10):

      Foto Viewer.png

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          D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Go to Camera Raw Preferences and uncheck "use graphics processor":


          Unless you have a 4K monitor you can just leave it unchecked, it doesn't do anything useful. If you do, however, check for a driver update.



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            günterj8126252 Level 1

            Thanks for this idea.


            Even if it is checked or unchecked, it do not change anything.

            The driver are up to date (PS, Camera Raw and Grafic card).


            Their must be an other clue. Any ideas?

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              D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              OK. I was trying the "soft" option first. If that isn't it, these files are really corrupted.


              Windows "Photos" doesn't show you the raw data, just the camera-generated, embedded jpeg preview. The jpeg preview is a very small component and can be fine even if the main file is corrupted.


              File corruption can happen in any hardware component. Usually it's a failing disk drive, but it can also be RAM, or minor components like card reader, USB cable...anything in the chain.


              Backup everything you have ASAP. Then try to narrow it down.

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                günterj8126252 Level 1

                Ok. thank you. Seems it is an issue which really only will found on a long tail search, Yes, I will try to change everything in the process. I still have changed the computer to try this. The issue is still there. But for the moment are the HDD, RAM and main software, away from my first list of possible reasons. Ok will try more to change.


                Is their a way or support software which is able to read the Camera RAW file to meassure / test out / get a clue -- if there are a specific error with the file? Just thought, developers of the RAW-files might have a software to test issues out.


                Anyhow, I will check out my equipment - may be the reason is in this.