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    Brush Size Shortcut Bug (Driving me Crazy)


      Hello everyone ! I bought Photoshop CC today and already have a big problem (to me).
      When I use the shortcut to change the brush size and opacity (Alt + Right Click + move the pen) it works really bad. I can't handle the right click of my stylus to make it appear, I need to click on it once, then it appears, then I can change the size and opacity BUT it doesn't disappear easily : I need to click everywhere many times to get it out (and losing the size I wanted in the same time).


      It's like photoshop won't recognize the fact that i'm handling the right click while using Alt. The shortcut works when I'm not doing it on tablet. And the problem won't change if I'm using a shortcut for Alt or my keyboard Alt key.
      But with other tools photoshop detect the fact that I handle the right click of my stylus btw.


      Any idea to resolve this problem ?

      (All my drivers are updates and I'm using an Intuos Pro M)



      Thanks !