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    Subscription Cancellation


      Does ending Muse support result in a change to the terms of a yearly contract paid monthly enough to mean we can cancel without the penalty?  I just subscribed for a year and have no interest in continuing the learning process on a dead end software. Please advise how to cancel without the penalty.

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          IDEAS-Training Adobe Community Professional

          I believe support of the product will continue until May 2019, however don't expect any new features, just fixes to any serious bugs. So, technically, even if you subscribed today, your support would still continue for the year of your subscription.


          I will be interesting to see what Adobe's future plans are for web layout apps besides Dreamweaver.


          As far as your subscription goes, I believe you have 30 days to cancel without penalty, but you would need to contact customer service.

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            mikef53349948 Level 1

            Well...  I contacted support and they were able to cancel my subscription without a penalty. I just signed up in January and have been self learning, but the end of support announcement just made continuing to learn a complete waste of time.