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    "Upgrading" from LR 4.x have a few ??'s


      Hi guys, still running LR 4.x (latest version of it).  I was waiting for "7" to see if there was going to be a stand-alone version when 6 seemed to be near EOL but nothing had been announced yet on any kind of new version.  Now that it's for sure subscription only I'm thinking of caving and grabbing the 20GB $10/month subscription since I'd get a new version of Photoshop as well and could get rid of my old CS3 version.  I'm wondering though I'm assuming with the classic CC version there is a way to just use local storage?  Or is that not the case?  I really have no need for cloud storage for my photos.  I'm just doing amateur photography and everything is on my PC plus an external HD for backups and once in a while I do a DVD burn as well.  Are there any issues I should be aware of upgrading to/importing a catalog from 4.x to 7?