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    30s to load Loupe View image (d850)

    afeinphoto Level 1

      This is getting quite silly. Takes approx 30s for the image to load in loupe view. 


      imac late 2015

      4ghz i7

      32gb ram




      LR Classic


      What gives?

      LR Classic extremely slow load - YouTube

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          JohanEl54 Adobe Community Professional

          That is indeed ridiculously long. To see an image in loupe view, Lightroom needs to load the preview. That's where the problem might be. Try the following: in your catalog folder there is a file called ‘catalogname Previews.lrdata'. Quit Lightroom, move this file out of the folder and start Lightroom again. Lightroom will now rebuild the previews, so initially you will see empty thumbnails, but they will reappear one by one. See if that solves the problem of going to loupe view.

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