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    Wacom One tablet driver not working properly in Photoshop.

    _Quetzalcoatl2010_ Level 1

      I've been having some awkward problems with my pen tablet in Photoshop lately. Mostly related to the hand tool - for whatever reason, it is no longer responding to my commands the way it used to, as now whatever area is selected is only dragged away one direction at a time (that is, no horizontal and vertical scrolling simultaneously) and, if used near the workspace's edges, it even manages to move the program's window away from its original limits.


      Some other issues regarding pressure sensitivity have shown up as well, though, contrary to the hand tool malfunction, they haven't been particularly omnipresent. Occasionally, and, oddly enough, solely in Photoshop, my tablet's driver appears to consider I am applying too much pressure onto my pen, which makes it real hard to properly open dropdown menus without them being rapidly closed.


      What intrigues me is that Photoshop is the only Adobe utility in which I have been facing these problems. Illustrator and InDesign, which I also have installed in my computer, haven't shown any similar behavior so far. And, on top of it all, I haven't set up any kind of special tablet behavior to be applied for Photoshop exclusively.


      I have already tried reinstalling both the driver and Photoshop itself, and still haven't managed to resolve this. My tablet's a medium-sized Wacom One, model CTL-671. Photoshop version I am using is the latest. If anyone happens to have a clue on how I can resolve this, I would be extremely thankful.