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    Buttons only work once

      I have two buttons that when clicked invoke a state change. They go from state_tiles to state_list and vice versa. The buttons are coded as: <mx:Button id="iconButton1" icon="@Embed('list.png')" width="18" label="X" color="#993300" click="currentState='state_list"/> (with the second id being '2' and currentState being 'state_tiles'. The buttons are shown on both states.

      When I click a button in the tile view (iconButton1), it goes to the list view no problem. When I click on the list view to go to the tile view, again there is no problem. But they only work once. Why?? I've tried changing the states back to the original after the state change is complete, but it doesn't work. So how do I get the buttons to invoke the state change every time they are clicked?

      Thank you!