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    Printing from Epson Inkjet printer

    gwhPoster Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      I have an epson inkjet printer and I’ve opened a pdf file up in Photoshop and printed borderless printing. When I printed it out though, the left side of the paper was correct, ie. the pattern printed perfectly and borderless, however on the right side of the page is 3 lines of large text and a small symbol above the text. All these elements have a black applied to them (C: 60 M: 40 Y: 40 K: 100) but when it was printed, it only printed the outline of the text and symbol but not the fill.


      I’ve already printed a large colour image in photoshop and it printed correctly therefore it must be some settings in the print dialogue box that is causing this but I don’t know how to fix it. I’m printing on linen board but I actually chose photo gloss paper so I don’t know if this would be the problem.


      I wondered if anyone could help me troubleshoot?


      Would really appreciate any help.