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    Folder Structure in LRCC Classic Not correct as I would expect


      As a long time Photoshop/Lightroom CC user I have noticed a strange happening with some of my imported files in the way the structure is displayed. Let me explain. Below is a picture of the folder structure as it sits on the drive:


      So in LR I would expect to see 4 main top folders for this drive:

      - CaptureOne

      - Drone

      - Lightroom

      - MyMutt Program


      However, what is see is this:


      While things are working for the most part. Images/Folders inside the MyMutt Program folder are not showing up under a master folder like the rest. As you can see The Lightroom and CaptureOne and Drone folders are correct in their structure. And they are just imports of folders inside folders.


      Any ideas?


      As I was writing this I had 1 thought, does the LRCC folder structure not handle spaces in paths?


      Thanks in advance.