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    FLVPlayback FMS & Stage Size

    James.Curran Level 1
      Spent a few hours searching in this and other forums for the answer but I don't see exactly what I need. My swf attaches an FLVPlayback component, sets properties and plays in as2.0

      I'm passing the filename with flashvars. The flv files can vary in dimension, bitrate, etc. The problem I'm running into is that If I specify the width/height in the html embed code and if an FLV file has smaller width/height then there is wasted stage space. This isn't so bad except when you stack 3 or 4 on top of each other, then the wasted stage space looks weird when there's 100px or 200px in between videos. If I omit width/height from the html then the larger videos are small and compressed looking.

      I'm sure someone has run into this before. I just need a way to dynamically set the stage width/height to the FLV's width/height via AS 2.0.

      Feel free to have me clarify anything I've muddied or omitted. Thanks in advance for your assistance.