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    Premiere CC2018 generic error when relinking

    veram71463960 Level 1

      Ok , this is driving me crazy , please help


      Premiere Pro cc2018

      mxf files located on external drive (exFAT)

      files are from different 4k cameras (downgraded)

      (the mxf files were created using davinci software , for each original file there are three files created , one with image and sound and two containing sound only -if this is relevant at all )


      when importing from external disk files would take ages to import (on an imac)

      after I moved them in the external drive files would import (almost) fine .


      so after I moved the project to another pc there was this particular folder who wouldn't link no matter what (reported generic error)

      I copied the folder to another external drive and the files would link fine .

      but after I moved the files to another location and tried to re-link them I would get the same error .

      I copied the files again to another drive and the problem was solved .


      I tried to trash the preferences etc but that doesn't seem to solve the  generic error problem .


      Any suggestions ?


      I'm on the edge of a mini nervous breakdown , cc2018 has been giving me all sorts of crazy problems