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    Customer EOR Announcement - Alternatives to ADOBE

    Falkomat Level 1

      Before using Muse, I did a few websites with Zara Webdesigner Premium. (in Germany: Magix)

      Web Design Software by Xara: Xara Web Designer

      I will return to that one to see if it still fits my needs .

      I felt, back then, it was the true equivalent to InDesign, very intuitive and easy to use,

      for non-coders and those preferring a purely visual approach and not working on complex powersites.

      Only downside was Zara WD being not "responsive", but "adaptive".

      But in Muse, you had to manually adjust quite some transitional page-sizes anyway to make "responsive"

      work properly. (Not much "magic" responsiveness, anyway.)

      In WD you design those page-sizes and they morph nicely.


      All other suggestions for alternatives are highly welcome!



      (EOR stands for End Of Relationship)