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    I'm not able to make a selection with script to some of specific colors




      I'm working on some script stuff which selects random colors by input, but there some problem with photoshop to select some colors. Just giving RGB Values through script & it's not making a selection.

      Works with most of random colors, but not all. please please gimme some solution.


      Here are RGB values which photoshop not selecting.

      1. R:4, G:99, B:138

      2. R:109, G:225, B:147


      Here is the script:


      var chercheCouleur = new SolidColor();





      function selectColorRange(scObj)


          var desc = new ActionDescriptor();

          desc.putInteger( charIDToTypeID( "Fzns" ), 0 );

          var cDesc = new ActionDescriptor();

          cDesc.putDouble( charIDToTypeID( "Rd  " ), scObj.rgb.red);

          cDesc.putDouble( charIDToTypeID( "Grn " ), scObj.rgb.green);

          cDesc.putDouble( charIDToTypeID( "Bl  " ), scObj.rgb.blue );

          desc.putObject( charIDToTypeID( "Mnm " ), charIDToTypeID( "RGBC" ), cDesc );

          desc.putObject( charIDToTypeID( "Mxm " ), charIDToTypeID( "RGBC" ), cDesc );

          executeAction( charIDToTypeID( "ClrR" ), desc, DialogModes.NO );



      Thanks in advance.